IE Graduate Courses

IE 402: Advanced Engineering Economy

IE 428: Metal Casting

IE 454: Applied Decision Analysis

IE 456/M E 456: Industrial Robot Applications 

IE 462: Introduction to Expert Systems

IE 468: Optimization Modeling and Methods

IE 478: Retail Services Engineering

IE 479/EDSGN 479: Human Centered Product Design and Innovation

IE 505: Linear Programming

IE 507: Operations Research: Scheduling Models

IE 509: Operations Research: Waiting Line Models

IE 510: Integer Programming

IE 511: Experimental Design in Engineering

IE 512: Graph Theory and Networks in Management

IE 516/SCIS 516: Applied Stochastic Processes

IE 519/SCIS 519: Dynamic Programming

IE 520: Multiple Criteria Optimization

IE 521: Nonlinear Programming

IE 522: Discrete Event Systems Simulation

IE 528: Metal Cutting Theory

IE 530: Financial Engineering

IE 532: Reliability Engineering

IE 533: Workforce Engineering

IE 540: Manufacturing Systems Simulation

IE 546/ME 546: Designing Product Families

IE 547/EDSGN 547/ME 547: Designing for Human Variability

IE 548/EDSGN 548: Interaction Design

IE 549: Design Decision Making

IE 550: Manufacturing Systems

IE 551: Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems

IE 552/BIOE 552: Mechanics of the Musculoskeletal System

IE 553/BIOE 523: Engineering of Human Work

IE 555: Statistical Process Monitoring and Analysis

IE 556/M E 556: Robotic Concepts

IE 557: Human-in-the-Loop Simulation

IE 558: Engineering of Cognitive Work

IE 560: Manufacturing Processes and Materials

IE 561/EDSGN 561/CSE 561/IST 561: Data Mining Driven Design

IE 562: Computational Foundations of Smart Systems

IE 563: Computer-Aided Design for Manufacturing

IE 566: Quality Control

IE 567: Distributed Systems and Control

IE 568: Healthcare Systems Engineering

IE 570/SCIS 570: Supply Chain Engineering

IE 582: Engineering Analytics

IE 583: Response Surface Methodology and Process Optimization

IE 584: Time Series Control and Process Adjustment

IE 588: Nonlinear Networks

IE 589: Dynamic Optimization and Differential Games

IE 590: I E Colloquium

IE 596: Individual Studies

IE 597: Special Topics

IE 597X: Convex Optimization

IE 597X: Additive Manufacturing

IE 597X: Measurement System Design

IE 597X Stochastic Optimization

IE 597X: Advanced Stochastic Processes

IE 597X: Robust Optimization

IE 598A: Additive Manufacturing

IE 600: Thesis Research

IE 601 Ph.D. Dissertation Full-time after passing Comprehensive Examination

IE 610: Thesis Research Off Campus

IE 611: Ph.D. Dissertation Off Campus after passing Comprehensive Examination 

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Home of the first established industrial engineering program in the world, the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) at Penn State has made a name for itself in the engineering industry through its storied tradition of unparalleled excellence and innovation in research, education, and outreach.

We are Innovators. We are Makers. We are Excellence in Engineering. We are Penn State IME.

The Harold and Inge Marcus Department of
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